New Crosswalk Etiquette?


You know me, I have had issues with 4-Wheelers, Bikes, Trucks, Buses … well, ALL vehicles really! … when it comes to Crosswalks.  For may years, I have maintained that EVERY SINGLE crosswalk should be Raised and essentially un-navigable (is that a word?) unless the vehicle is creeping along.  Now this latest development:  pedestrians are now REQUIRED TO BE GIVEN  PERMISSION to cross the road.  Yes, it’s true!

In the past year, every single time I have stood waiting to cross – since it’s too frickin dangerous to simply step out onto a Crosswalk these days – I have to wait for “The Signal” from a motorist, giving me their permission to cross…which can range from a simple Index Finger Flick (while gripping the steering) to a Head Flick (from bikes, usually) to a Hand Sweep (a seemingly gracious gesture).  Worst offenders?  Take your pick – I have dodged every single mode of transport on this Rock while crossing a Crosswalk.

If I’m not mistaken (unlikely!), Pedestrians are supposed to have the Right of Way while on a Crosswalk.  The new JayWalking craze however does not require a Right of Way discussion.  If you’re not on the Crosswalk, then motorists have every right to Beep you.  Just sayin’ …

One thought on “New Crosswalk Etiquette?

  1. Dangerous

    Pedestrians are supposed to look to make sure it is clear BEFORE stepping onto the crosswalk. people should not think that they are in the right on a crosswalk. (or as it seems STEPPING ONTO IT)

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