Balancing the Light Rail and the PATH


As mentioned before, while living in the Micro Pad, either Light Rail line (Blue or Yellow) went to BOTH of my stops. The move restricted me to the Yellow line, which meant waiting for a while for my off-peak trains = sucks!  And the the time change, Light Rail home was NOT an option.  The House actually sits directly equidistant between a PATH station and a Light Rail station … a 20min walk in either direction. I started to ride the Light Rail into work & the PATH home, if nothing else to use up my Light Rail tickets in the morning.  The evening trip home opened my eyes to all sorts of delights!

The walk between the PATH station & the House runs along a main 4-lane thoroughfare.  As such, it is VERY busy at all hours.  And very LOUD!  With 2 medical centers at either end plus Firehouses at regular intervals, the sirens go non-stop.  The route home takes me by, in order:  fast food, large drug stores & shops.  Then bodega-style places of various ethnicity & restaurants.  Then comes the 1st pseudo-residential section; mostly older homes that have been converted by Indian professionals (Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance salespeople, etc.).  After that – with the exception of a university –  it is ALL Apartment buildings, of varying condition.  With the variety of tenants that go with them … some of which I go out of my way to avoid!!!

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