Light Rail experiences abound


At the first platform I used (Micro Pad), there was a really large parking lot, so many of the Commuters drove in from other areas.  This made the group a bit more upscale & diverse.  Lots of Execs and the odd Beautiful Person, sprinkled with a variety from earlier stops. After the move to the House, at the Yellow Line stop, I was a complete novelty!  Folks were not sure what to make of me; little kids gave me a wide berth, teenagers looked at me almost in disbelief … even the pan-handlers passed me by.

While on the Light Rail, particularly to & from the Micro Pad, my fellow passengers were varied and fall into several categories:
1)  School Kids:  as related earlier, they are the loudest & most profane group of them all … the GIRLS in particular.  Most hogged the seats, fought in the aisles, all the while holding phones & earbuds in.
2)  Older Folks:  usually rode the length of the line, since the passes are free for 65+ … should get myself one!  Sometimes they had small kids in tow, which were shuffled out quickly to avoid the School Kids!
3)  Jane/Joe Blow:  Regular folks ( like yours truly ), making their way in.  Most keep to themselves, avoid eye contact, 99.9% have earbuds or headphones & fiddle with their phone the whole trip.

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