Light-Rail & School Kids


While being solo in Bermuda the past many months, my schedule has been Early morning to Late Night.  Most of the reason was ( as noted in the past )  that I was avoiding Rush Hour on Harbour Road + getting a workout in the evening.
First few commutes in NJ, that was easy when at the Micro Pad … Light Rail was 200 yards away & stops directly in front of my building.  That is until I had to go in a bit later one morning, after binge-watching Vikings the night before 🙂
I get to the platform groggy & slugging, climb on the next train and I’m met with shrieking, yelling & cursing. WTF? I say – the sources of this cacophonous barrage?  School GIRLS!  F-ing each other off, calling eachother Pu-y and Nigg-r & Cu-t.  I was totally blown away.

Welcome to New Jersey, Bermie Boy!

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