New Apartment means New Route


So after the few weeks in the Micro Pad, I hooked up with an old friend who owns a house in Town.  He & his wife work down a few towns to the south and moved into a house owned by someone who moved to Bermuda.  They commute back into Town for weekends & I planned on heading up North to the family on weekends – works out perfect!
The 1st time coming out to the house, I took the Light Rail out a couple stops farther than normal … not a big deal.  That is until I emerged from the train.
The neighborhood down there … well, without sounding bad … is very black.  The white guy with grey hair, pulling his valued possessions in a suitcase stood out like a sore thumb.  Lucky for me all I got were some questioning looks!

As I had bought a Month’s Pass for the HBLR, I stuck it out.  Since I got moving early, only families walking to school were around in the mornings & it was still Daylight Savings, so at night the sun was still up.  But that first walk home after dark changed my mind.  At every intersection, there was at least one Cadillac parked, tunes pumping & a crew wandering around with Brown Bag Beers.  No one gave me sh1t, but all of them stopped to watch me walk by!

Time to test out the NJ PATH train.

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