New Crash pad >>> Work


Before settling on a specific location in this vast area, I started digging around for a short-term option … and found – GREAT site, cool graphics too!  Found a little place maybe 200 yards from one of the NJ commuter trains the very long-winded Hudson-Bergen Light Rail which winds through eastern New Jersey from Bayonne to Union City.HBLR
Great setup, cars are efficient, timetables are fairly well adhered to & no weather-related problems (usually).  I also had the added benefit of travelling between 2 common stops on the 2 different Routes, so it didn’t matter which train I hopped.

HOWEVER … and you knew that was coming! … each ‘train’ operates only 2 cars.  This is acceptable for MOST times of day, but during Rush Hour they are crammed!  And the only protection from the elements on the platforms are a short cover & several glass walls (approx 15′ x 12′) … with 24″ gaps at the bottom!  What friggin use is that???  Anyway, during the late Summer & Fall – and while I was in my temp. location – it suited my needs perfectly.

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