Transition Time: The Wookie has left the building


* * * Transition Time:  The Wookie has left the building * * *
Quick note of transition … having left the Sunny Isle 6 months ago, I am no longer the definitive expert on Bermuda Commuting.  I AM however, the newest member of the New York/New Jersey Mass Transit Riders Union.  This is a most powerful entity here in the Tri-State area, with many enviable powers like completely ignoring dead bodies on trains, total oblivion using noise-cancelling listening devices & preventing train door closures.

This is the beginning of a NEW Journey for your hairy scribe – you will not be disappointed!!

One thought on “Transition Time: The Wookie has left the building

  1. I feel terrible, not recognizing that you left for colder pastures all this time. Thought I had a true brother in terms of lamenting Bermuda traffic nuttiness.

    All the best in your new environs, of course. Will be better at tracking your on-goings.

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