Chez Wookie Commute – Part 2


So once we’ve enjoyed the delightful Sardine Cans that are MTA Subways, we emerge into Grand Central Terminal itself.  They names this place correctly; Grand it is!  And COMPLETE CHAOS!  If you stand still or even slow down while walking through, you will be trampled.  People are running through this madness at full tilt ( with Headsets/Earbuds on! ) dragging bags, suitcases & general crap … Rarely children though, oddly?

My train is the Metro North New Haven Line, which runs along the same route as I-95 through southern Connecticut.  There are Local and “Express” versions here too, although the Express only goes non-stop as far as Stamford most of the time.  Finding & boarding an MNR train is not for the fait of heart!  The Ticket Machines and Windows have lines longer than Disney World, the platforms are scattered around the Main Level AND the lower level.  Travel times vary for me between 1h 5m up to 1h 30m, depending on the Local vs. Express train.  The Milk Train is the Connnecticut Local, stopping at ALL the stations.  Now and then I can hit one of the few that are only 2 stops until mine…although that is very rare!

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