The Chez Wookie Commute – Part 1


I may as well completely Out myself, by describing the commute up to see the Not So Little Wookettes & Mrs. Wookie. Lucky for me, the new office is literally overlooking the Hudson River. And as mentioned before, the 2 trains (NJ PATH & Light Rail) have stops right in front of our building too. Pretty convenient, must say.

The PATH station is one of 2 routes that leads under the Hudson into Manhatten … One goes all the way up to 33rd Street on the West Side, while ours ends at World Trade Center – this is where my own version of Homeward Bound begins on Friday night. Hop the PATH into Lower Manhatten, one stop, usually not crowded so get to sit down. Then we walk out of the PATH station (large!) and up to the Brooklyn Bridge Subway station, along past City Park & City Hall. Maybe a 15min walk total.

This is the Lexington Line, home of the 4, 5 and 6 trains (a/k/a Green Line).  Once on the platform, the choice is: the 6 which is the Local, so EVERY stop; painful on a good day! Then there’s the 4 or 5 Express trains … the better choice! From City Hall they only stop at 14th St./Union Square and then our destinations: Grand Central. I could write an entire book about the varied characters, situations and visions on the Subway.  But on to Part 2…

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