Back to the Light Rail in Summer


Once the days got longer (and hotter!), the shorter walk to the HBLR became more viable. But this time, I walked to the end of the line station about the same distance.  The route tool me down a stretch along Lincoln Park & West Side Avenue.  Not unlike the balance of my experiences here in NJ, the environment was dirty & smelly.  There are equally as many stores to visit … although on my first attempt to buy food, was told there was a $10 minimum on any Debit/Credit card.  Odd.

I found out that this area is supposed to be so unsafe that stores open @ 10am and close by dusk and many operate Cash Only (counter-intuitive IMHO).  I didn’t worry about it & continued to use the Light Rail all summer.  There were several time the walk was VERY hot, so I resorted to bringing a full change of clothes.  The office people have poked fun at my shorts constantly.

The PATH was only an option if we stayed too late & it was dark by the time we left and we couldn’t use a car service home.

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