PATH Train in Winter


I have had a good stretch in my buddy’s place and – for the most part – the situation was hard to beat.  I moved in when it was cool & not dark at Rush Hour yet, so the HBLR was just fine.  However, once the time changed and days got shorter, I changed to the PATH train about a mile from the house.  The walk is about the same … maybe a little longer & a much busier street, but with the busyness comes a semblance of safety.  The PATH train itself is another story.

The Journal Square Transport Center is pretty big, with a full Bus Terminal at one end and the PATH Trains underground.  The trains themselves are in fairly good shape, especially considering the abuse they take.  Invariably, there is something spilled all over one car, a panhandler working another & someone with loud music cranked in another.

This area is also over-populated with Indian workers, so much so that there was a 3-story advertisement on a wall outside with Imran Kahn (I think!) plugging Western Union rates to India!!!  The riders from this station are 90% Indian, many of whom have lived there until recently, so have Zero manners on the train & Zero understanding of Personal Space!

That said, the trip is quick, the walk uncomplicated (punctuated with a Rite Aid, grocery stores & beer stores).

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