HUGE transition


Well we have had a massive change (at least for me!) … Jersey City is now behind me. Work decided to let me operate out of one of the offices nearer to the Fam, so I moved “Home” and work from the Darien office.

Accordingly, I no longer need to rely on Public Transportation … Apart from 2-3 trips back to Jersey City each month. That permits me to be subjected to the old Metro North-NY Subway-PATH grind. Manhattan is so wonderful (not).

I am now the proud owner of a Nissan Xterra and of course at the mercy of the masses of “lemmings packed in shiny metal boxes”. Most drivers around here are extremely aggressive, ducking and diving on the highway & tail-gating constantly on any other road.

So I make my return to the roadways full-time and can officially report on my travels, travails and trials on the roads of New England.

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